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The Devil loves nothing more then he loves rotary phones, nothing!
new hat and I love my kitty

I want to go downtown and get pizza and drink tons of beer and play pool but I don’t like anyone enough to want them to go with me. I miss my friends back home.

junkyard mongrels (at Holy Mountain)

Diary entry from the farm in Morcenx, France

 Le 24 Fevrier 2012 a 9h55

I won’t write much cause it’s still morning and nothing has happened yet. Oh my mood is content. Anyways, today is Friday, and we’re supposed to go see Thomas (the farmer in which we are staying with)’s gypsy friends perform their new circus routine. Sounds like a movie huh? If I didn’t explain earlier, Thomas has a group of friends that are a big family of gypsies. They’ve been traveling all across Europe for something like 20 years performing their own circus routine that simultaneously tells the story of the gypsies. They’ve had the same routine all along so Thomas is letting them use some his land to come up with a whole new routine, and they’re on the tail-end of their stay here, so they want to perform their new act for “Thomas and friends” aka me, Rachel, Pierre, Thomas’s kids, and the two other WOOFers. I think we’re their practice audience. I’m excited!……

Le 26 Fevrier 2012 a 13h43

We’re goin home today! To Paris, I mean. It’s been fun ‘ferme’, but I’m ready to have a good mice-less rest. On my own pillow. Wait, I don’t think I ever included that. We haven’t had pillows. I’ve been sleeping with my big scarf wrapped around 2 shirts and a pair of shorts (the other two shirts I had with me I doubled up on and wore consistently the entire stay with no shower and no change-of-outfit; southern french winters are COLD). It’s hard on my head. I’ve had a perpetual kink in my neck. 


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